When shipping to you, we Expedite your order with Canada Post. Our website is integrated with Canada Post to determine the actual shipping charges. Once your order is received, it is processed within 24 hours and shipped out within two business days. We may choose from multiple shipping options and carriers, depending on the destination of your order. If your order receives Free Shipping, a trackable shipping option will be selected on your behalf. On all orders, your shipment and a tracking number will be automatically emailed to you once your order has shipped.

How much will my shipping cost?

  • If your order totals less than $100.00 CAD when you check-out, you will receive a shipping rate calculated by Canada Post. This applies to shipments around the world. 

  • If your order is $100.00 CAD or more when you check-out, you will automatically receive FREE shipping throughout Canada and the US.

When will your package arrive?

We try our best to get your order to you as fast as possible, within 7 to 10 business days within Canada and the United States. If your order is being shipped internationally, you can expect to receive your order within 4 to 6 weeks or longer, depending on the destination.

If we see your order has not arrived or is late, leave it to us, we will contact the carrier directly, so you don’t have to.

Sometimes, due to incorrect address/info, weather delays, holidays and other factors can adversely affect delivery. For this reason, we aren’t always able to guarantee delivery dates, including weekends and holidays, so be sure to order well before the congestion during the Holiday seasons or pending strikes to ensure your item arrives on time.

We reserve the right to choose from multiple delivery services if conditions warrant it, to ensure you receive your order.

Shipping in the Muskoka area:

If your home or office address provided at checkout is within a 36 kilometre of Bracebridge Ontario, your order will receive a courtesy delivery on us as a special Thank you for shopping local and supporting our business along with other local businesses in the area.    

Let's not forget about our Alaska & Hawaii customers:

When orders are received for Alaska or Hawaii, shipping can take 14 business days or more.

Re-purposed shipping material and plastic:

We care very much about the environment and keep this in mind when we’re packing your order. Although we are conscious about the plastic, we find that we do, at times, receive it throughout our inventory shipment packaging. Instead of throwing it away, you may find it ends up, re-purposed in your order, to keep it out of the landfill longer, we also practice these same efforts with any empty inventory boxes.

Size of the shipping box compared to the size of your order:

When packing your order, we always do our best to pack your order in one box, depending on your order size, within standard shipping weight requirements.

The construction and durability of the packaging material itself:

We want to ensure you receive your order in the same condition it was in when it was shipped out. The shipping boxes we commonly use are made of some recycled material or recycled from our own inventory and have approved standards to ensure durability during transportation.

Once you receive your order, our Crimson yard branded box will be secured with either re-purposed Canadian newsprint or re-used plastic/paper shipping material, (as mentioned above). Inside the shipping box, you will discover your candle inside, neatly cradled in its packaging made up of 100% recycled material, including the re-purposed, shredded newsprint that is used to protect your candle from irregular temperature change and possible shifting that may occur during transportation. In addition, to protect the soy candle wax, we place a 100% recycled pulp paper, plantable, (YES, that's right) a plantable, wildflower dust cover on top of your candle. (visit our "Eco-Conscious” link at the top of our site for more information). Then we secure the candle box with an all-natural twin to ensure your candle stays put as it travels.