Our Story

Crimson Yard Co. started as an adventure, when cofounders Terry and Theresa began making handcrafted candles out of repurposed cigarette and cigar tins for friends and family. The candles were immediately recognized as cherished gifts and coveted décor items, which garnered a rapidly spreading popularity. The road tripping couple (renowned for their love of the outdoors and everything earthy) were excited and humbled by the joyful pleasure ignited by each candle. 

From evoking feelings of luxurious tranquility, to fostering a happy awareness regarding the planet-friendly nature of the candles, the experiences shared by their original circle of consumers confirmed that Terry and Theresa had discovered an endeavour worthy of their time, and passion.  After observing the enormous impact their products made in the homes (and in the lives) of others, they were inspired to turn their hobby into an undertaking:

“Our mission is to design a unique candle made with minimal ingredients from sustainable resources. Our mandate is to focus on ethical, transparent practices, while nurturing partnerships for a healthier environment.” 

– Terry Marsh & Theresa McFadyen


Their business launched in 2016 – and within the next year and a half they quit their respective careers to become Crimson Yard Co. full time. Today they’re well known for carefully hand pouring 100% plant-based wax into recyclable cans to create quintessentially Canadian, eco-conscious candles that, when lit, emit the soothing sounds of a gently crackling wooden wick harvested from an ethical farm. While everything from the biodegradable packaging, to the dust covers, are filled with love (and wildflower seeds), the candles are free of parabens, additives + dyes – and are devoid of anything that could hurt your health, or our planet.

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