What's (Not) in Our Products

The Ingredients We Refuse to Use.

Let’s Address What’s in the Wax – and What Isn’t

In alignment with our constant focus on sustainability, it’s only natural that we would use plant-based wax: an environmental, renewable resource that is…

100% Soy · Non-Toxic · Vegan · Clean Burning · Free of Parabens, Phthalates, Additives & Dyes

Because we refuse to use additives like UV inhibitors, wax whiteners or dyes, over time your candle wax may take on a yellow or amber hue. This colour change won’t affect how your candle burns; it only affects the appearance of the wax – so light your candle, and enjoy!

*Even though some of our wax products smell good enough to eat, you should never consume the wax or put it directly on your skin. Store your wax candle or bark in a cool, dark place inside; and keep out of the reach of children and pets.

**If you have asthma or scent sensitivities to certain fragrances, we suggest that you use our scented products with caution; and whether scented or unscented, please enjoy our wax products in well-ventilated areas.