Eco Responsibility

We're "fir"vent about reforestation

Your Purchase Plants Trees

We are proud to be an official partner with “One Tree Planted” – a non-profit organization that makes it easy for “anyone to help the environment by planting trees!” For every item you order, we take a percentage from our profit, and give it to One Tree Planted so that they can put a sapling into the ground. 

Tree by tree, we are joining this charity’s incredible group of business partners to make an impact within our community, around the world, and in Canadian provinces like British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. 

Plant additional trees here!

*Photo by Steven Binotto

Get Your Grow On.

Plant the Paper. Reap the Benefits.

Every dust cover that comes with an essential oil candle has been embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant it in your candle tin (or put it in the ground) to germinate the seeds and watch them grow.

Side note for those of you with gardens: the seeds in our dust covers are non-invasive, and approved for planting in Canada + the U.S., among other countries worldwide. 

Wonderful Wicks

Releasing More Fragrance. Crackling with Ethics.

While studies show that 96% of consumers say that Wooden Wicks are more soothing than their cottony counterparts (and 92% say that they create a better atmosphere) the efficiency and the ethics of these wicks should never be overlooked!

Sourced from FSC Certified mills, our wicks are created from the highest quality ingredients available, with a strong focus on being sustainable, all-natural, and eco-friendly. When lit, the wicks of our luxury candles emit a distinct crackling sound – and they diffuse heat more efficiently. This means that Wooden Wicks warm wax at a faster rate, diffusing up to 35% more of your chosen aroma into your condo, cottage or camper.

Planet-Friendly Packaging

Dedicated to Being Eco-Conscious: from the Stuffing, to the Tape 

Our mandate is to focus on ethical, transparent practices, while nurturing partnerships for a healthier environment. At Crimson Yard Co., we are dedicated to upholding this decree, from the candle tin to the shipping box. 

Every aspect of our plastic-free packaging is gentle on the earth – from our recyclable cans, to our boxes and dust covers. Plus, we cushion your candles by using repurposed newspaper for stuffing. Even our non-reinforced paper tape (bringing all the stickiness with none of the chemicals in the form of a vegan, water-activated, non-toxic adhesive) is kinder to our planet and its creatures.

When you purchase your wax bark in bulk, remember: the entire bag is compostable. In our mission to do our very best for this precious planet our research + efforts are ongoing.